A Song of Rock and Fire

The Tourney

Jhakara sat in the stands as Toten charged forward on his horse. It was a little sloppy, but Jhakara couldn’t seem to care. The fact that the man was out there was enough. An underdog amongst knights of higher caliber than he. Pass after pass was made. Lances broke and riders shifted but neither side budged. Jhakara could tell the damage each hit did, even in his metal dress. While the rest of the crowd waited for the event to be over and midnight closed in, Jhakara couldn’t be more excited. She was, quite literally, on the edge of her seat. This man may not be a war machine, but his spirit gave Jhakara all that she needed. Although, the prowess he was showing today certainly made him all the more attractive…

Jhakara sat next to Toten in his bed. He’d been there forever, or so it had seemed. Sometimes conscious, though often not and even less often in a coherent state thanks to the medications the Doktors had given him. But today, he seemed to be quite on the ball. Jhakara was glad to see him, that much she knew. Jhakara could sense some nervousness in him. They’d been around each other long enough to be able to pick up some semblance of understanding of how the other was feeling. Jhakara had to work hard at it, but she had made progress.

“Jhakara…” Toten started, his goofy exterior fading to the wayside as he turned into the Lord Toten she had come to know over the years. “I’ve been thinking, since I’m still around… that maybe it’s time to start saying the things I need to say and do the things I need to do.” Jhakara nodded, thinking of his mother and his bastards sons. “And, I guess… I just want to say this.” he said, taking Jhakara’s hands in his own.

“I really care for you, Jhakara. I love you.” he finally said after a few moments of hesitation. It seemed tough for the young man to open this much to someone. Jhakara could certainly relate to that. The Dothraki were never much for opening up, particularly about love. What love there was usually consisted of little more than rutting warriors taking whatever women they wished.

“Jhakara, I’m a Lord, so I don’t know what else will come of this. I have my duties and all that, but I care for you and, well… let’s enjoy it while we can.” he finished. Jhakara pondered for a moment and leaned forward, kissing Toten squarely on the lips. Relief seemed to sweep over him. “Jhakara thinks she loves you too, Toten.” she added, embracing the healing man lightly so as not to aggravate his injuries. “We will find a way, Toten.”

Jhakara spent the next hour or so with him before duty called her off. She didn’t understand much of the politics of Westeros, but apparently marrying someone without lands was not really heard of. It troubled Jhakara. She truly did love Toten, but he was a lord after all. He had his duty and was taking it seriously. She might be doomed to some strange shadow relationship. Jhakara was not one for subtlety when it came to who she cared for, especially if it meant allowing someone else to take them from her. She had no plans to allow that to happen. Perhaps this single combat would be the way. She sighed as she walked back to her chambers. She couldn’t make any rash decisions here. She didn’t know everything about Westeros. She’d have to turn to her friends for help. Life cut in and she didn’t get the chance to ask. There would be another chance, another time. Perhaps on the road again, away from all the distractions and politicking.

Toten and Jhakara would find a way. would find a way. Even if they were friends, Jhakara would still love him all the same. Perhaps Khal Natan would have some miracle of the tongue he could do. Jhakara decided to ask Toten some other time. as he took care of his duties, which were, at the moment, healing from his imprisonment.

Jhakara turned to the lady sitting next to her, and with all the passion of a young child struck with wonder and amazement, yelled “I fuck that man.” The maid, unsettled, smiled weakly. Toten’s lance unhorsed his opponent. Jhakara felt a heat flow over her that she hadn’t felt in years.

She leaned over again.

“Toten is going to get GOOD fuck tonight.”

The lady beside her had probably never felt more awkward, as her red face showed.


Holy lord I lol’d hard at the end.

Single combat, whoah boy that one made me laugh for other reasons

The Tourney

Lol, that was slightly out of order somehow. It was supposed to start the post with her leaning over once and then end with the other.

The Tourney

Heh, glad you enjoyed. We’ll see where this leaves Toten and Jhakara. Maybe Great Khal Natan can help them.

The Tourney

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