A Song of Rock and Fire


V. - When food and dishes go flying everywhere because you've done a good job.


Jhakara thought as she staked out the kitchens. They had tried to poison Khal Natan once, but Jhakara would stop them this time. The cook looked restless, gazing around warily as he slipped out of the roo once he was sure no one was looking. Jhakara watched him slip out of sight, keeping most of her attention on the kitchen. Before long, the grinning man that Natan had described before showed up, preparing some of the dishes for dinner. Jhakara wanted to rush out and kill him. She even saw it happening. She would rush out, grab one of the pans and beat him upside the head with it before he even knew what had happened. She tensed up, nearly running out and blowing her cover.

Suddenly a voice in her head whispered to her. The voice of Khal Natan.

“’Subtultee.” she whispered from her hiding spot.

Quietly, she slipped back into the hall and was gone before anyone realized she had been there.

“Be like a ghost-demon. You are dragon.” she told herself as she followed the man to his tent. Once she was satisfied that was where he was staying, watching him slip into his tent for the time being, she slipped out herself to warn Natan.

Within minutes she was running through the main hall.

“TOTEN!” she bellowed, watching him raise the poisoned food towards his mouth.

Several dishes clattered to the floor in her wake as she rushed past a server.

She bowled Toten over in the process, knocking his food to the ground and succeeding in silencing the whole room, even for a momnet.

Subtul-tee. Right.

“It is poison!” she said, a bit louder than anticipated. Luckily, the clamor had already died down and people went back to their conversations and drinks. “The grinning man is in the servants tents. I saw him poison food.” Jhakara continued. This time with subtul-tee.

Khal Natan’s plan was foolproof, once he explained to Jhakara. She would sneak in and grab the tourney knights armor, and put it in the grinning man’s tent. Then the knight would confront the grinning man, and the problem would be solved. Jhakara wondered why she couldn’t just kill him herself, but this Westeros had new rules. And Khal Natan knew them well. Sneaking in was easy, considering the little girl the knight had hired as a body guard had fallen asleep. Bad bodyguards were called “Squires”. Lady Horse Face had taught her that word. She slipped the armor out of the tent, cut a slit into the assassins tent, and hid the stolen armor.

All had went well. Jhakara felt Shadow Man Raines would have been proud. When the knight came for his armor, Jhakara knew she had done her job well. Ser Micah’s sword entering the assassin’s body more times than she could count told her that they would not be having any problems from him.

And the best part was, the man didn’t even know he had killed an assassin! ‘Subtul-tee.’ Jhakara thought as they returned to the nights events.

Jhakara was learning much from Westeros.

And far more about being a warrior than she had expected.


Super awesome


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