A Song of Rock and Fire

Natan Lanncaster's Journal 7

I lost them.

I fucking LOST THEM!

I should have stayed with them, not run away like a coward. I could have helped, I could have taken some of Lugas’ bastards. Instead I came back to do what? File paperwork while they’re out there and need my help?

I’m going to be a king and where is all my power? I’ll tear Leo Lugas to the ground I swear it I’ll do whatever I have to do to make sure that he pays…

I promised them. I promised them and I failed…

Natan sat tied to the chair, blood trailing from the corner of his mouth and from a cut over one eye. Another blow split his lip. “Hold,” a voice said in Asshai from across the room. Three ham fisted men stepped back from Natan, unwrapping the bloody wrap around his hand.

“You think that you can just bed one of the elder council’s daughters, and that there wouldn’t be punishment?” the voice said as a man with a pinched face came into the light.

Natan spit blood from his mouth. “I think that you haven’t seen south of a woman’s belt since you were born. OOF!” A swing into his abdomen knocked the breath out of the young prince.

“So witty. I’ve been told the people of your country are funny. Perhaps I didn’t have time to catch all of the jokes while you were working your way from brothel to brothel.”

“Well I heard,” Natan managed, pausing to cough every few words. “That people from your country, are dumber than one legged man trying to win an ass kicking contest.” He grinned up at the muscled thug. “Pretty too.” Another punch rocked him back, eliciting a long groan from Natan.

“Hm. So be it, young prince. Let’s see where all your jokes and bravado get you in the afterlife. Kill him.”

The thugs advanced toward him but paused when there was a clatter outside.

There was a moment of silence before a large shattering saw a skylight overhead crash down into the room, a lithe female figure dropping in along with it. There was a wild yell and the door burst in off its hinges, an unconscious body falling over it as an armored man stepped over him. What followed was brief, but violent and bloody.

Toten and Arya cut the ropes holding Natan and hauled him to his feet, making a hasty retreat out into Asshai and back to the flat they had been renting.

“Thanks for coming after me,” Natan said as he dabbed at his cuts in the relative saftety of the flat.

“Natan,” Arya began. “Of course we were going to come get you.”

“Yeah, Toten said sheepishly. “Especially after you took the fall for me.”

Natan stood and embraced them both.

“I’ll always come for the both of you,” Natan said quietly. He looked at each of them. “I promise.”

A moment passed while they sat in the comfortable silence awarded by their friendship.

“I think,” Natan said, rising again. “That it might be time to leave Asshai. But first, I need a drink.”

Thank the gods old and new for Jhakara and Elia. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I had to do. I hate…hated…Leo Lugas. But it was with a heavy heart that I saddled Gabrella to put an end to that family for good.

But I made a promise.

And kings keep their promises


Nice. Arya and Toten rock ass.

Natan Lanncaster's Journal 7

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