A Song of Rock and Fire

Natan Lanncaster's Journal 13

My fellow Westrosians.

It has been over twenty years since our fathers went to war in the north. Twenty years in which we have had long summers and bountiful harvests, and general peace throughout the country while all of us affected by those old wars have tried to recover and rebuild ourselves and our families.

It is my somber responsibility to tell you that war is upon us once again. We have had reports that a large horde of Dothraki have ransacked several cities in Essos, and are now going against their nature and boarding vessels with the full intention of sailing to our shores.

According to these reports, their numbers are large.

However, our resolve will be stronger. It must be stronger.

Recent events have strained some of our ideals, and shone light on the differences that we have. Our enemies do not share the various beliefs that spread throughout our country.
They fight behind the shroud of illusion perpetrated by their misguided leader.

It is the belief of your king, that the differences that flow throughout our lands, lend strength to those that hold them. Our ability to overcome these differences and bring ideas together, will lead us to greater strength and to the utmost victory.

Many of you who partake in these faiths will undoubtedly feel confusion. To those who pray to the seven and the seven in flesh, I remind you that the Crone leads you with wisdom, that the Smith builds for your future, and the Mother nurtures you in times of peace. But the Warrior exists to fight against evils which seek to overcome you.

To those who pray to R’hllor, I remind you that the night is dark and full of terrors, and it is the fire of man that keeps the darkness at bay.

I call out now to all the people of Westeros, to prepare yourselves for invasion.

Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people and our territories are in grave danger. There will be dark days ahead.

But know that your king will fight with you in this hour of need. Our defenses will be as strong as our offenses are swift, and the determination of all of us together will lead to absolute victory. With this confidence, I call now upon all the banners of the seven kingdoms, to stand united in the state of war that now exists with the hordes of the Dothraki.

So long as we remain faithful to our cause, unbridled in our unity, we will prevail through to inevitable victory.

Proclamation of War between the country of Westeros and the Horde of the Dothraki

Given in the year 326AC

King Natan Lanncaster
The first of his name, known as the Lost Prince, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men. Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.



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