A Song of Rock and Fire

Natan Lanncaster's Journal 12

Ah, sweet sweet relief.

And yet it tastes a hell of a lot more bitter than I thought it would. I try to get the country somewhere ahead and yet something always sets me two or three or a million steps back.

Although it was somewhat satisfying to leave behind nothing of the High Septon besides a char on the stones. If it wasn’t for the riot, I might have gotten around to real appreciation.

I’m so tired of these religious triffles. Religion is killing more people than it’s saving lately. It was lucky that I have a flair for the dramatic though, Viserion gave me the edge I needed to cut down on the casualties. That’s strange to say, isn’t it? A dragon helped me cut down on casualties. If Aegon the Conquerer could see us now.

I saved as many as I could.

That’s what I’ll have to tell myself.

It’s not enough.

Being the king sucks.

I don’t know if anyone else will ever read this, if it’ll get passed on to whoever, but if anyone is reading this, you should definitely know:

Being the king sucks.

With the High Septon out of the picture, thank the gods, a new High Septon has to be chosen, right? Sounds simple enough.

Right up until your small council tells you that you should put a different sort of monster in his place because they think he can be controlled if needed. As if this country hasn’t had enough tyrants, now they want to give the throne power over religion too. Oh, but “only if absolutely necessary.”

I’ve heard that before. That’s how it starts. “Well it would be easy if we just got a little help from the High Septon.” “Well, his influence did a lot for us last time, we should tell him to do this for us this time.” “Just tell the church to do it.” “We’re going to absorb the offices of the High Septon, it’ll make it easier to get information to everyone quicker.”

I don’t think so.

I’m not going to turn the throne into a religious power as well. It shouldn’t be. King or not, no one should have that much power at his control. He could ruin the country with that sort of influence.

I guess they’re just all lucky that I’m such a reasonable, and more importantly, handsome, ruler.

Sometimes this job is filled with some terrible things.

Like finding out a few days ago that Lord Piping Hot Temper of Nowheretown slew Patrek Mallister, one of the actual good people I’ve met. Patrek tried to uphold ideas that I supported, and it cost him his life.

And what’s worse is that since it was trial by combat, there’s little to be done about it. Innocent by all the laws of the gods and men.

But that doesn’t mean that gods and men can’t have loopholes.

All it takes is a little patience, a little wit, and a friend who knows his way around a spear, at least a little.

At least now the quabbling in the riverlands should be over. I hope. War is coming if the reports are to be believed. I can’t have any of these petty problems if I’m going to have hordes spilling onto the shores.

So I goaded Lord Short Fuse into threatening the king. Can you believe it? Shocking how a man can forget himself like that. And with just a few simple words during a conversation. And against a king no less. The laws of gods and men are pretty clear about things like that. Very unfortunate for now deceased former lords of riverlands towns.

Sometimes this job is filled with some wonderful justifiable things.



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