The Royal Family
King Natan I Lanncaster (27)
Queen Arya Lanncaster of House Stark (36)
Prince Jon Lanncaster, a babe at the breast

Ser Toten Wyl (26), his sworn sword
Jhakara (22), a Dothraki girl, Blood of his blood, a member of the Dragons

King Regent Toten Lanncaster (52)
Queen Regent Daenerys Targaryen (42), called Dany

Princess Elia Lannister, of the House Lanncaster (27), Hand of the King
Ser Tommen Lannister (33), her lord husband
Jaime Lannister (11), her daughter
Gabriel Lannister (6), her son

Ser Robrik Cassel (68), Lord Commander of the Kingsguard [North] (Patriarch)
Ser < > Jordayne [Dorne] (Dusk)
Ser Tommen Tommen (39), Knight of the Blushing Maid [King’s Landing] (Whisper)
Ser Brienne of Tarth, called the Maid of Tarth [Stormlands] (Maiden)
Ser Daron Drox [Westerlands] (Oathkeeper)
Ser Clifford Highcliff [Vale] (Talon)
Ser Vindin Tyre [Reach] (Burr)

Phin Howl, Ser Tommen Tommen’s squire

[Ser Barristan Selmy] – Died of old age.
[Ser Lance Swyft] – Died of lung sickness.
[Ser Norman Crakehall] – Killed in single combat.
[Ser Gerold Dayne] – Slain by Leo Lugus through treachery.

Small Council
Hand of the King: Princess Elia Lannister (27)
Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: Ser Robrik Cassel (68)
Master of Coin: <vacant>
Master of Laws: Prince Jance Martell (22)
Master of Whisperers: Lady Lena Tyrell of House Lanncaster (43)
Master of Ships: Lady Asha Greyjoy
Grand Maester: Grand Maester Erreck

Gabrella, red and black
Drogon, black and red
Rhaegal, green and bronze
Viserion, cream and gold

Viper, Brown and Orange, Saul’s dragon
Not Horse (Norse), Red and White, Jhakara’s dragon
Dozens of various sizes and colors

High Priestess Anallia, Red Priestess of King’s Landing’s Red Temple
Aura Waters, a Dothraki girl raised in Flea Bottom, Dragon handler
Emman Crumb, a Grey Cloak

House Lanncaster [The Stormlands]
Lord Toten Lanncaster (52)
Natan Lanncaster (27), his son, heir to Rockfall and Lord of Dragonstone

Sara Jogs, his handmaiden
Willem Raynes, Captain of the Dragons
Broad Sours, a Member of the Dragons
Joss Joral, his Castellan
Strong Sam Stanch, his Master-at-arms
Kayder Raines, his Captain of the Guard
Honch, Chef
Madge, Wet Nurse

House Wyl
Ser Toten Wyl (26), Lord of Seedburst Hall
Lady Lyene Wyl of House Ashford
Tygor Wyl, heir to Seedburst Hall
Lady Jhakara of the Dothraki Sea, his paramour
Akarya Storm, their bastard daughter
Lady Iris Dannett, his mother
Willem Storm (9), his bastard son
Tylor Hill (7), his bastard son

Axel Spite, his captain of the guard.

House Baratheon
Lord Rossel Baratheon, bastard of Rockfall
Lady Shireen Baratheon, his wife
Bart Baratheon (8), his son, heir to Storm’s End

[Lady Selyse Baratheon] – Slew herself with fire.

House Stark [The North]
Lord Robyn Stark (22)
Lady Mara Reed, his wife
Brandon Stark (5), his son
Edwyn Stark (3), his son
Lady Margaery Stark of House Tyrell, his mother
Lady Arya Stark (36), his aunt

Darion, Lady Margaery’s singer

House Reed
Lord Merrick Reed

House Manderly
Lord Wylis Manderly

House Pyte
Lord Hallon Pyte

House Greyjoy [The Iron Islands]
Lord Theon Greyjoy
Lady Wylla Wynch, his wife
Balon Greyjoy (14), his son
Yara Greyjoy (11), his daughter
Karrin Greyjoy (8), his daughter
Lady Asha Greyjoy, his sister, Master of Ships

House Tyrell [The Reach]
Lord Loras Tyrell (24), Lord of Highgarden
Lady Allyia Tyrell of House Dayne (20), his wife
Toten Tyrell (4), his son, heir to Highgarden
Ser Tyrion Tyrell (21), his brother, called Ty
Gabriella Tyrell (18), his sister, called Gabby
Lady Lena Tyrell of House Lanncaster (42), his mother, Master of Whispers
Nymeria, his mother’s aged direwolf
Catspaw, his mother’s cat

[Lord Willas Tyrell] – Died of Pneumonia.
[Shepard] – A hound. Passed of old age.

House Ashford
Lord Saul Ashford (18)
Lyonel Ashford (20), his brother, a man of the Night’s Watch
Marwyk Ashford (16), his brother, a Novice of the Citadel
Sylla Ashford (11), his sister
Oba Ashford (8), his sister
Gabriella Ashford (2), his sister

[Lady Tyene Ashford] – Died of a body sickness.
[Lord Lons Ashford] – Murdered in the streets of King’s Landing
[Grass] – Murdered in the streets of King’s Landing

Gregory Gon, his Steward
Captain Gerro
Septon Fon
Red Priest Hyle

House Martell [Dorne]
Princess Arianne Martell, Lady of Sunspear
Prince Jance Martell (22), her son, heir to Sunspear, Master of Laws
Prince Trystane Martell (29), her brother

The Sand Snakes
Sarella Sand
Elia Sand
Obella Sand
Dorea Sand
Loreza Sand

House Dayne
Ser Edric Dayne (38), Lord of Starfall
Lady Tyna Dayne of House Oakheart, his wife
Ser Robrik Dayne (18), his son, heir to Starfall
Ser Tonnen Dayne (16), his son, Lord of High Hermitage
Lucinda Dayne (14), his daughter

Lord Hollis Dayne, Lord of High Hermitage
Allyia Tyrell, his sister
Zera Dayne, his sister

House Lannister [The Westerlands]
Ser Tommen Lannister (33), Lord of Casterly Rock
Princess Ellia Lannister of House Lanncaster (27), his wife
Jaime Lannister (11), his daughter
Gabriel Lannister (6), his son

Guymon Cassidy, a household guard
Dross Krieger, a household guard

House Lugus [EXTINCT]

House Arryn [The Vale]
Lord Harrold Arryn, reclaimer of that name, Lord of the Vale
Lady Myrcella Arryn of House Lannister (35), his wife
Conner Arryn (16), his son, heir to the Eyrie
Cersei Arryn (12), his daughter

House Mallister [The Riverlands]
Lady Sansa Mallister of House Stark
Lord Jay Mallister (18), Lord of Riverrun
Lord Lons Mallister (16), Lord of Seagard
Arya Mallister (11)

Maester Vallen, Riverrun’s Maester
Gerris Hon, a guard

[Patrek Mallister – Slain in single combat]

House Tully [EXTINCT]

The Nights Watch
Lord Commander Jorah Mormont
Ser Stannis Seaworth, First Ranger
Jance Morgan (49), First Steward
Ser Garlan Tyrell, called Garlan the Gallant, First Builder
Lyonel Ashford, a ranger
Donal Jace, a ranger, captain
Ser Rockland Rice, a ranger
Phen Conners, a ranger

[Jeck Jogs] – Died of old age.
[Old Stone Sledge] – Died of old age

Timmen Six Toes
Ulaf the Brave

Ser Micah the Crestfallen (41), A wandering hedge knight
Elisia (9), An orphan girl travelling with Ser Micah

A Song of Rock and Fire

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